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All the above assume symmetry - if the offsets are in the same direction - see Fig 4 - then it really goes to hell in a handbasket.ProSlot Ps-900 Gold Dust Premium Motor Brushes (6-pk) from Mid America Raceway.

Steel shim stock from an engineering supplier is OK but less than desirable.

Under brush short circuits: U navoidable in three-pole motors but can be reduced by correct brush material, spring setting, and correct alignment of brushes.You can superimpose graphics to compare the differences from any changes you have made.Long time Slot Car Enthusiast and Wife Purchase. Goldust Pro Motor Brushes -shortened to fit Euro MK1. They were designed by and manufactured for Pro Slot.Big Foot Wizzard Storm USA Slot Car High Performance Motor Brushes.Slot Car Dc Motor, Wholesale Various High Quality Slot Car Dc Motor Products from Global Slot Car Dc Motor Suppliers and Slot Car Dc Motor Factory,Importer,Exporter.The push from the endbell end to see if there is clearance between the armature and the can bush.Typically this saturates the blank to its maximum magnetized state.As we make the brush face wider we will see an improvement in motor performance but we eventually reach a stage where the under-brush shorts negate any improvement created by the increase in width.

Comm Drops on electric motor. (at least not as easy as the RC car motor), so brush run in is critical. I tied up more money in R/C and slot cars than I have.The spring pressure eliminates any resistance that will make a difference in actual track performance.

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The expanding magnetic bubble also resists the incoming voltage.).Consequently all brushes are made slightly resistive, this being a compromise between the requirement for good conductivity down the brush and poor conductivity across the face of the brush.Worse, a pair produced in two goes may have field misalignment and focus problems so its safer to do magnets as matched pairs.

Now familiarize yourself with what follows for a more comprehensive understanding of what makes a slot car motor tick.This switch is not as easy as it sounds as you need to modify or panel beat your brush hoods to accept and accurately guide this new configuration.

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Of course the more you file off the spacers the more advancing you can achieve. equal alignment is critical of course but with tweaking you get results.Falcon slot car motors and an interview with Todd Radke. I was surprised to see wiper arms instead of brushes and real springs. This is usually a terrible idea,.

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You can also do it on the corner of a grinding wheel but that is not as good.

Needless to say the brush spring is not a good conductor and neither is the brush itself or the friction nature of its connection to its hood.Brush hoods can actually be twisted in opposite directions up on neg. down on positive.You place it on the shelf and two years later in desperate need of a motor you press it back into service to find its now working well again (perhaps not as good as it once was but certainly better than when you shelved it).If the springs press unequally then a side load is imposed on the bearing which will waste power.Advanced is when the gaps are offset counterclockwise (the direction the motor runs in viewed from the commutator end).If we were to increase torque at the expense of revs then we get no overall gain in power.This simplifies rectification if you make a complete hash of it.

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Slot Car Motors. This section of the BSCRA web site is for technical information on slot car motors. These brushes are generally solid pieces of copper carbon.Caution: Do not solder the commutator unless you have access to commutator truing facilities such as a lathe or a Hudy comm truing machine or similar. (You are going to need it if you solder.).We were told there would be no way a motor without shunt wires could compete with motors that had shunt wires.Its maximum magnetic strength therefore depends on the material it was made from in the first place.However I would generally go for the higher copper content brush.In a three-pole slot car motor the ideal brush would have zero resistance and be paper thin.

Most quality motor manufacturers now use metal bobbins instead.The rear of the motor will in most cases foul the rear axle (in spite of the cut-out in the can) so we normally grind a groove here.Push the shaft in to see if there is clearance between the armature and the endbell bush.What happens is as the pole passes through the magnetic field this induces a reverse voltage which opposes the incoming voltage so that.A good zapper should be able to completely reverse the magnetic field with one zap.