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After we were all full it was time for the NASTE logo contest judging.

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Interested parties should contact Dennis to RSVP for more information or.We had 12 drivers who gave the cars and track a good workout.While other systems have gained new features, SCX has failed to keep pace.A stark reminder that both sickness and foul weather can play havoc with the schedule as both the second and third race had to be postponed for later in the season.With that in mind, a plan was formulated to prep the track for this race in the same manner as the last race.After we had all filled our stomachs we got serious about racing.

The best you could hope to do was manage well amid the mayhem.NASTE Race Night 8 - Riverside Raceway Wednesday March 21, 2012.A big thanks to Bob and Robin for inviting us into their home, feeding us and even sending some of us home with nice trophies for our struggle.

All I can say is it was a wild race, as the NASTE Halloween races usually are.I took along a collection of cars from both scales to do a little testing and I can report that all of them ran around just fine.Sidenote: After the race, the next day the track was disassembled for a new layout.Terry had prepared three sets of cars for us to race in the NASTE IROC style race format.We had expected some of the Washington area racers but with early morning pictures from up north showing snow on the ground I guess they decided it was better to stay home than come take their beating.

In the second set Bill and John raced to a draw while Victor fell to third in class.John Bostic - 182 Fast lap of the day was set by Howie with a 6.19. Chris was just behind that at 6.20. Big thanks to Howie for opening his track to us and to Chris Kouba for heading up the event.37 Ford Pickup.Re-pin brought to you by agents of #carinsurance at #houseofinsurance in Eugene, Oregon.An Enduro is a little different than a normal heat race since the heat lasts 40 minutes.The lighting of the entries is just as creative as their overall construction.Her delicious cakes molded in shapes of cars and trucks were just too cool.For the season opener a fun group of twelve racers came out to do battle on the race track, swap stories, play a little scrabble, eat a bunch of great food and otherwise have an enjoyable evening.

After the Novice Division completed their races the Experts took the track.On May 17th 2014 NASTE racers had the opportunity to race at a commercial slot car raceway in Salem Oregon.This past Saturday evening thirteen brave souls came to the Jacquelin Park Speedway in Hillsboro for the annual NASTE Enduro.

It was clear Bryan Trachsel was once again the King of the Halloween Race, but by only 2 laps this year.At times the track looked more like a destruction derby than a race.The day will feature an IROC race plus one or two individual races.Tight racing was the order of the night as the cars were so close together they would spend much of the race as a pack.Dave took the win with Terry Abbott and Bill Bostic in a tie for second.With her victory Dorothy was moved into the Advanced race with the big dogs.The extremely successful International Proxy Series entrant named The Red Rider has returned safely home.

Last years overall winner was not decided until the final run of the final stage and then the difference was a mere two seconds.The nights hot-rods were what the HO gang refers to as Slow-Jets- probably just our speed.The NASTE Carlo gave 1:32 scale rally-style slot cars an opportunity to run an event befitting their nature.Simply set your car on the track, crank the controller and watch it start to move.The gift certificate will be purchased by NASTE, and you will receive the gift certificate in email form from Fantasy World Hobbies.Conductivity issues were now and thing of the past as cars zipped around the track with reckless abandon with an accent on the reckless portion.

Come join us for a fun day of rallying around the greater Portland area.In fact four racers were on the same lap only six-tenths apart.They race non-mag at 10-11v with a fuel management system on their 4-lane wood-routed track.

The half-way point in the NASTE season was greeted by torrential downpours as the weather turned aggressive.Edgewater Raceway in Salem Oregon sits on a historic street in an older part of town.

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Market of Choice - Food for the Way you live!. Oregon 97520 541.488.2773 Open 7 am to 11 pm daily. Eugene - Franklin 1960 Franklin Blvd Eugene,.I remember there were as many or more spectators than there were racers.

Heck, we were looking forward to a little payback from the Tacoma 24 Hour Enduro.The girls were also charging hard with Victoria holding the lead over Dorothy The Hammer.For the first round of racing Terry had four equally prepared muscle cars on the start line.Team NASTE Gravity Racer - The Hawksbill Flyer Races on Saturday August 20th.But once the racing started and the Racer cars took to the track it was night and day different.After a quick pit stop by his mechanic he was back in the race and continued on.The HO cars at WFO Speedway are always challenging and provide for some very close racing.